The Legend of Meeks Teaser Trailer (Graduation Project)
تصميم داخلي

Graduation Project 2010 Graphic Design UFPR Students: Eliane M. Horie and Suzana G. Cavalcanti This animated teaser is our Graduation Project at Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR, Brazil). Our main goal was to simulate a teaser trailer from a fictional original animated feature called The Legend of Meeks. Other than that, we had to create all the necessary material for it to be able to be showcased on a movie pitch, like main story, main characters (their looks, palettes, model sheets, personality, story, etc), main backgrounds, visual ID (logo, palette, official fonts, graphic materials like DVD cover and posters, etc), the universe and its concepts, part of its script, storyboard, and a lot, lot more. Since our goal was to simulate a teaser trailer of an animated feature, we decided to use the famous "green screen" that always appears on american movie trailers; that doesn't mean our film was rated in any way by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc, we just used it to enhance the feeling of a real teaser. The Legend of Meeks is a project that was born on june 2009, and since then, we've put so much effort on building the story and the characters, that we decided to use it as our Graduation Project. Synopsis: A young brave Meek named Sike is the greatest warrior of Wintuk Village, put through a rigorous training by his adoptive father, Master Lukei. Sike was born on Tarluk Day, which granted him with the rarest power among all Meeks, the Divine Fire. Two decades later, this dark phenomenon will repeat itself with a promised return of one of the greatest threats Wintuk Village has ever feared, the regress of Keelut. Warned by an ancient hero, Sike ends up discovering that he's about to face something much larger than expected. With the help of a legendary creature by his side, Sike will confront the greatest battle of all time. The animation was almost entirely done in Adobe Photoshop CS5, cleaned up in Toon Boom Animate, added VFX in Adobe After Effects CS5, sound edited in Adobe Premiere CS5 and Soundbooth CS5, final editing done in Adobe Premiere CS5. The final product was rendered in .mov format, full HD 1920x1080, 24 fps. This is our first traditional animation project, so please, be kind on your comments :) Enjoy! This project has no commercial purposes. Since this is a Graduation Project, our only purposes are educational. The soundtrack used is from The Last Airbender Movie and it was edited to suit our project. This soundtrack belongs to Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon and we were NOT given any permission nor authorization to use this soundtrack. Again, the film rating screen was used to enhance the simulation of how a real life teaser would be. We were not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. All logos and materials used belong to their respective owners. © The Legend of Meeks 2010. All rights reserved.


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