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Internet has several features in daily life; People use and depend on it in their works; it has become one of the most necessities of their life, it is easier than newspapers and ancient techniques. A lot of people do not know how to start their own work life, they need a good guider for lighting their way and serve them to get their targets. Online Job Seeker website has a lot of offers for those people, it can match between the companies and job seeks. OJS provides facilities for jobseekers and companies. Job seeker must fill profile and choose its specification to get the proper job, companies must identify itself by filling profile and it can add jobs and specifications. If there is a match between job seeker and company, an email will be sent to the jobseeker from the company to inform him about his assurance. RAD methodology was adapted to develop OJS. The evaluation was conducted to determine users’ perception on the usability aspect of the OJS.RAD methodology comprises four phases that are awareness of problem, planning analysis, designer, implementation and conclusion. Results of users’ evaluation on the OJS indicate that most of the 30 participants highly agreed on perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, learnability, and satisfaction. Moreover, the results confirm that OJS is useful for users, easy, direct and successful. It is hoped that the findings of this study will encourage people to deal with OJS to find their suitable jobs according to their own wishes and demands.


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