Android Mobile Application for Palestinian Healthcare –AMAPH  
Computer Science

E-health technologies offer great potential to help improving clinical outcomes, patient experience, and operational efficiency. All too frequently, access barriers to information systems at the times, and in the places demanded by clinical workflows, can limit system adoption, and constrain process change.In recognition of these challenges, alternative technology is required. Furthermore, mobile technology has been identified as a potential alternative since it is able to provide the accessibility to patient data, medicinal history, and keep track of his statusanywhere andanytime. Using tablet devises capabilities of high processing power and long battery life to provide a better diagnose, scheduling medicine and injection period. This Study discussesthe development and user’s evaluation of Android Mobile Application for Palestinian Healthcare (AMAPH)prototype.The Design Science Research Methodology (DSRM) was adapted to develop the AMAPH.AMAPH was developed to improve the clinical healthcare at Palestinian hospitals using tablet personnel computer (PC’s).DSRM comprises six phases that are awareness of problem, suggestion, design, development, evaluation, and conclusion.Results of user evaluation of 40 participants among Doctors and Nurses on the AMAPHindicate that it has good usability in terms of Usefulness, Ease of Use,learnability, and satisfaction.Moreover, the results confirm that AMAPH is useful for Doctor and Nurses to make their transactions easy


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