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College Voting System software manages complete college voting system. It will have all the basic modules and also it makes voting fully computerized which is very fast and efficient. College Voting System is a software application which maintains records of the students, Candidates, Users. This software is designed for voting purpose which saves lot of time and counting is done within a single click. SCOPE: This software can be used by any colleges to make election computerized. Proposed system: In this software a student is given an Identity card that contains unique Card Id. When the Sub User enters the card id, it displays all the information about the particular student, i.e. his personal details and also gives the information about all the candidates who have contested for election based on student’s section. In addition, this software is designed such a way that an individual is not allowed to vote more than once. I.e. once an individual has finished voting, his/her personal information will be disabled. Data in this software is completely secured. Means only authorized person can update the information. Advantages of the Software  It increases the counting speed.  It reduces the human effort.  There is no chance of wastage of votes.  It saves lot of time.  Result will be announced within a short period of time.  Since it is a offline LAN connected project, no need of internet connection Hardware and Software requirement Hardware Requirement Processor : Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more RAM : 1 GB or More Hard disk : 80GB or more Monitor : 15” CRT, or LCD monitor Keyboard : Normal or Multimedia Mouse : Compatible mouse Software Requirement Front End : Visual Basic 2008 Express edition With Sql Server Compact Edition Microsoft SDK 3.0 Or Visual Basic 2010 Express edition With Sql Server Compact Edition Microsoft SDK 4.0 Back End : MS SQL Server Operation System : Windows XP with server pack 3 Or Windows 7


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