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Introduction: A Software Requirements Specification (SRS) – a requirements specification for a software system – is a complete description of the behavior of a system to be developed. It includes a set of use cases that describe all the interactions the users will have with the software. The following subsections of the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document provide an overview of the entire SRS. Purpose This Software Requirements Specification provides a complete description of all the functions and specifications of the Crime Information Management System(CIMS) Crime Information Management System(PIMS) allows user to store police department’s case details, Complaint Details, FIR Details, etc. This Software Package allows Police Departments to store all the details related to the department and use them whenever necessary. This project will also be able to provide reports of various cases, FIR report, charge sheet report, Most Wanted Criminals record, payroll, attendance reports and also be able to upload and view criminal photos and scanned documents. We have collected requirements from Manglaore Police Station, with Mr. XYZ. According to their requirements we built this SRS. This SRS helps to develop projects to software developer and fully understand the expectations of police department. The Police Department users will be able to use this SRS as a “test” to see if the software engineers will be constructing the system to their expectations. If it is not to their expectations the end users can specify how it is not to their liking and the software engineers will change the SRS to fit the end users’ needs. Scope: The software product to be produced is a Crime Information System which will automate the major Crime Information. The first subsystem is a Crime Information System will keep track of employee’s payroll and attendance. The second subsystem is the Tracking and managing Case Details. The third subsystem is Automated Tasks System which generates reports to tracks all Police department operations and allows modification of subsystem information. Since it will be used as offline project and the software has got user_friendly screen dialogs for the mainainance of the database and the softare has been useful for large databases with more information. This system will reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Police deparment. Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations: SRS – Software Requirements Specification CIMS – Crime Info Management System Subjective satisfaction – The overall satisfaction of the system End users – The people who will be actually using the system


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