Behavior of Interlocking Cross-Laminated Timber (ICLT) Shear Walls Steven L. Sanders  
Civil Engineering  

CLT panels are created by altering the grain direction of 2-7 layers of low-grade lumber, joined together using mechanical fasteners and/or adhesives. CLT has become popular because it boasts the ability for timber structures to be built taller than traditionally possible. CLT also provides an environmentally friendly building system for low-rise construction. With a move toward “green” practices, as well as the current down turn of the global economy, CLT has offered a perfect alternative to conventional building systems. A summary or traditional CLT construction is presented in this paper. Interlocking cross-laminated timber (ICLT) is a new, innovative system similar to traditional CLT, but does not utilize fasteners or adhesives to join layers. The in-plane lateral capacity of an ICLT panel was tested using two monotonic tests. In the elastic range, the wall showed more than double the lateral strength traditional CLT tested in Europe. When compared to light wood frame construction, ICLT showed lateral strength an order of magnitude greater. These initial tests suggest that ICLT is a viable option for low-rise residential and commercial construction More


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