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Zayed Institute for Software Engineering (ZISE) Web Application Description : Abstract The main goal of the project is to develop a web application for ZISE institute that will include all the information about ZISE as well as a full implementation for all its services., to support the students and employees of software engineering in the institute and others who interested in software engineering field, and the further goal is to use the most of available IT techniques that used in the web development. The newly established Zayed Institute of Software Engineering (ZISE) is in need of a web application to introduce it to the outside world and connect it to its prospective students and researchers as well as other institutions. many capabilities will be provided by The Zayed institute software engineer (ZISE) web application such as provide all the engineering skills that the students needed as soon as keeping the students up to date in the software engineering field, and other web pages that ZISE may include are there services, and about previous projects such as software measurements, open source, ISO, and also we added library subsystem to the system. The project does not support any financial information related to institute.


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