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And the transfer site "24" of the UAE, for Shammout which is now considering the separation of her graduation from the university, majoring in computer engineering, as saying: "I was so small I like mathematics, physics, biology, and I wanted to the whole day in my life science between all of that, I did not find specialty Biomedical Engineering at the university, so after my involvement in computer engineering, went in 2012 to Britain for a semester in New York, the University of London, to complement the classes at New York University Abu Dhabi. but my wish he did more research, I had called on Dr. Mazen Majzoub, and asked him to continue with the Imperial University college London, in the case of a chance in research in the field of biomedical engineering. indeed, he was contacted to work as a partnership in the search was carried out by Professor James Choi, the theme of the use of acoustic waves benchtop operations therapeutic, without surgery. " She explains Shammout subject discussed in Biomedical Engineering, he says: "looked into an operation without surgery for people with cancer or heart disease, so we use ultrasound, the bubbles are microscopic protein or polymer, the body and injected into the halls with medication, and identifies the waves of the member or the affected area, It then went to the bubbles moving above it opens the pores and cells to enter medicine, surgeon without a scalpel. " And it works Shammout today on a draft graduating about innovation system for construction workers, to integrate again between her love for medicine, biology and technology, where the device to monitor the health status of the worker and the temperature and supplied to the charge immediately, to take account of his condition, and rapid intervention in hazardous situations. Shammout considers that the support of her parents since her early childhood, is the cornerstone of their scientific, despite her young age, she adds: "care of my parents, my dramatically, and they put up monument eyes that women must be strong themselves, develop and pursue its ambition, and even surpass, for this I am today what I am. " In September, Shammout off to Oxford to study the masters there, and plans for future care and passion. It says, "I intend to return to the Middle East after the end of my studies there, and I'm working on medical research development in the region, and dreamed of the Federation of young researchers and scientists, as I am interested in women's issues in the East, and possibly contribute to the provision of something to make it in a better position." She adds, "From now introduce to any teenage girl or young woman, you want to communicate with me, to do so, let's talk together about professional and scientific future, and we plan together, to help each other, to become the most powerful women, and women's empowerment."



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