Emirate innvotes car powered by air  
Mechanical Engineering

Is a guard in the "Abu Dhabi Police," he was able to invent a car that runs by air. Says about his creation: "The passion for cars led him to engage in the field of innovations and inventions is usual, he began to put on his brother many ideas even reach in the end the idea of inventing a car operate without oil and exhaust cars Ooradietr, did not find stronger than the air to push the car forward whatever the size, it began in the application of the idea, using hundreds of plant and equipment, which was cast out aside while the idea fail, until finally succeeded in moving his car four-wheel drive forward through air hoses, and walk them around the area at speeds ranging from 20 to 40 kilometers per hour ". And around the car specifications, explains, "it is slow to some extent because of its use by cheap machine, but it is possible that the speed in excess percent kilometers per hour if the machine is another original change," pointing out that the most important characteristic of the car that they operate without oil, and oil switch is once a year, as well as that there is water hoses and valves, electrical switches operate alternately for the distribution of electricity in different parts of the car Kalacharat lighting and other. (translate by google)

Mohammed mahmood  

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